What is the difference between a smart fan and a normal fan?


In the hot summer, people habitually put a small fan in their home and office to cool themselves. Nowadays, electric fans on the market have reached a new height, not only divided into leaf fans and leafless fans, but also extended With smart fans out, some smart fans can even be priced as low as a low-priced air conditioner. So what’s the difference between smart fans and ordinary fans?


The function of ordinary fans is single, and there are certain health risks and energy waste. The biggest difference between smart fans and ordinary fans is that they can be connected to mobile phones. Through the mobile APP, we can freely control all functions. It can realize remote control. In the control of the smart fan, manual work mode and automatic mode are added, which is beyond the reach of traditional fans. In the automatic work mode, the smart fan can perform human body detection. When there is someone, the fan works normally. The fan is automatically turned off after a period of delay to avoid wasting energy. In the manual working mode, the number of fan gears can be independently controlled on the mobile phone according to the received data.


The smart fan has also been optimized and upgraded in the selection of wind types, allowing users to have more choices, such as natural wind, sleep wind, standard wind, custom wind, etc. All wind types are under control. There are everything you want, helping users completely free their hands, and now all smart fans on the market are equipped with a display screen, which can display the ambient temperature and fan speed in real time, and display the current working module on the LCD screen, allowing users to freely Switch the working mode and freely set the upper and lower limits of the temperature. It is precisely because of the energy saving, intelligence and data transparency of smart fans that they are loved and favored by many users in the market. With the development of technology, the cooling effect of many smart fans is comparable to that of air conditioners, and they consume more energy than air conditioners. Low, can avoid the user’s air conditioning disease and other problems.


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