The 10th Electronic Information Expo was successfully held in Shenzhen


On August 16th, the 10th Electronic Information Expo with the theme of “Forge ahead for ten years, create the future with wisdom” was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. At the meeting, TCL Industry used smart technology as the engine to display various terminal products in all aspects. With advanced technology and product innovation, it won the Gold Award and Innovation Award of the Expo in one fell swoop.


This expo not only set up 9 basic electronic halls such as CITE theme hall, intelligent charging hall, big data cloud computing hall, but also held “5G+ industry application”, “digital life”, “information technology application”, “big data application” and “big data application”. Forums on the vertical fields of the six professional sectors of “Ultra HD Display Technology” and “Integrated Circuits”, as well as a number of new-generation information technology industry activities.


As a leader in TVs, TCL focused on displaying smart screen products at the exhibition, including a new generation of display technology QD-Mini LED that combines the core advantages of LCD and OLED, and the world’s first 98-inch QD-Mini LED product, 98X9C Pro, etc. Users interpret the infinite possibilities of technology empowering quality life. Among them, TCL QD-Mini LED is praised by netizens as “the ceiling of Chinese TV picture quality”. Users interpret the infinite possibilities of technology empowering quality life, leaving a unique footnote for “Made in China”.



Focusing on the main line of smart and healthy life, TCL Industry aims to achieve user needs, climb the technological peak at the expo, drive product technology innovation as the core, and continuously expand the market, bringing the latest high-end display products and semiconductor material products to the audience. In terms of semiconductor display, TCL exhibited a total of 22 products, covering large, medium and small size panels and touch modules, including electronic whiteboards, video walls, automotive, gaming, laptops, tablets, TV and other high-end display applications. Bring the ultimate enjoyment.


It is believed that with the development of artificial intelligence and the blessing of digital technology innovation, the integration of information technology and the real economy will be increasingly deepened. Syhogy (Xiamen) Tech Co.,Ltd. will also keep pace with the times to help create a digital economy and intelligentize the economy and society. Transformation continues to empower.