Our Advantage

R&D and manufacturing capacity

R & D capacity:

The company’s technical directors and technical consultants are domestic product design experts. At present, they have obtained 17 invention patents and 6 software copyrights. They have mastered core patent technologies, accumulated more than 1,000 service cases, and have mature research and development experience.

The company has a high-quality professional R&D team, rich R&D experience, and good technical reserves to provide technical support for continuous product optimization and product quality improvement, as well as more intimate and precise product customization services for customers.


Manufacturing capacity:

We currently have a number of professional SMT production lines, which can mount not only commonly used components, but also meet the mounting of very small and special types of components. At the same time, we have several automated surface coating production lines to provide customers with specialized services such as selective coating and immersion coating.

We carry out the whole process quality control of the products, from the feasibility analysis at the initial stage of the quotation to the analysis before the product production. At the same time, to ensure that the design can be quickly and effectively verified, so as to promote mass production and project delivery. Provides a complete solution to improve product DFM and product life cycle.


Fully automated PCBA production center


Automated plastic product production and processing workshop


Assembly workshop