The rapid development of industrial digitalization


Recently, the JD Cloud Summit with the theme of “Symbiosis towards Reality and Restart Growth” was successfully held in Beijing. At the meeting, JD Cloud took on the development concept of better understanding of the industry, showed the panorama of the digital supply chain for the first time, and comprehensively explained its “digital and intelligent supply”. Chain” capabilities, and accurately promote the digital transformation of all aspects of the industry.


At present, the digital intelligence supply chain has become a necessary trend for cloud computing to promote industrial digitalization to climb to a “new level” in four dimensions. If an enterprise wants to achieve a fundamental improvement in competitiveness, it must rely on the process of digitization. At this stage, industrial digitization can be regarded as valuable in the enterprise dimension. Up to now, the digitalization of the enterprise industry has gone through a triple-jump process.


The first is the process of “filling the vacancies” of digitalization, which is to make up for the links that are not digitalized and need to be digitalized; the second is the process of systematization and improvement of digitalization, making it the main force in the construction of industrial digitalization; the third is the current The process of digitization demonstration, in the establishment of a digitization system, helps companies to highlight their value and competitive advantages, helps them better cope with the increasingly complex external market conditions, and improves their resilience.




   Among them, the “integration” of the industrial chain has become the key word. JD Cloud, Zhiyun Tiangong and Changzhou Mobile have jointly built a 5G+AI industrial manufacturing cloud platform for Zhonglou District, forming a collaborative R&D, intelligent manufacturing, and digital intelligence infrastructure. The “super virtual factory” that integrates the supply chain and the supply chain has built a brand-new industry-breaking model, which has played a positive role in accelerating the digital transformation.


At present, more than 20 provinces and cities across the country have put forward target plans for developing the digital economy and accelerating digital transformation. It is believed that as the region invests more and more in industrial digitalization, the industrial digitalization strategy that promotes regional industrial collaboration will be recognized. Industrial digitalization will eventually become the main capability of the digital and intelligent supply chain.