Railway safety bracelet

Application scenarios:

It can be applied to the whole road car, machine, power supply, engineering, electricity, vehicle and other systems as well as railways and other work sites.


Case Features:

①Advantages of somatosensory communication:

The bracelet can be used as an incoming call reminder mode through vibration to form tactile perception and serve as a communication during construction.

②Near-electricity detection alarm:

When the bracelet worn is close to the high-voltage charged body (27.5/10kV), the vibration alarm mode will be turned on until you returns to a safe distance. At the same time, the back-end platform is notified that the person wearing the bracelet is working in the electrified area.

③Group job management:

Groups can be set up. For those who are set as liaisons and guards, call confirmation every 4 minutes, and collect all bracelet location information every 3 minutes. band bands within the group can be sent and receive voice messages from other bands.

④Accurate positioning feedback:

The position information and operation status of the person wearing the bracelet can be sent to the person in charge of construction director at any time.