Temperature Controller


Temperature Controller

Thermostat Prototype Pcb Board Assembly Services

Thermostat Prototype Pcb Board Assembly Services

A temperature sensing device that, under normal operation, automatically opens or closes the circuit to keep the controlled part within a certain temperature range, and whose operating temperature is fixed or adjustable only.

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Thermostat control board:

A device that directly or indirectly controls one or more sources of heat and cold to maintain a desired temperature. For a thermostat to perform this function, it must have a sensor that measures the temperature change and ACTS on the converter as needed. The transducer converts the effect from a sensitive element into an effect that a device changing temperature can properly control.

Thermostat Prototype Pcb Board Assembly Services

 1. Customer provide a BOM, we offer our quotation in 3~5 days.

 2. We suggest alternative components to customer, to help to reduce the cost, and delivery time.

 3. Samples making for approval, the samples delivery time normally 10-15 days.

 4. Mass production, delivery time about 15-25 days, according to the quantity and the components delivery time.

Thermostat Prototype Pcb Board Assembly Services

How thermostats work?

The thermostatic automatic sampler is equipped with a cooling/heating module and USES a Parstick element to effectively cool the air. When turned on, set the temperature to heat/cool the front side of the parapet element. The fan sucks in air from the sample tray area and passes it through the passage of the heating/cooling module. Fan speed is determined by environmental conditions (e.g. ambient humidity, temperature). In the heating/cooling module, the air reaches the temperature of the Parstick element, and these thermostats are then blown under the special sample tray, where they are evenly distributed and flow back to the sample tray area. From there, the air goes into the thermostat. This circulation mode ensures efficient cooling/heating of the sample bottle.

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