Temperature Controller


Temperature Controller

Oem Faucet Temperature Control Board Smt Pcba Solution

Oem Faucet Temperature Control Board Smt Pcba Solution

Faucet temperature control board PCBA solution

Quick heating, constant temperature, cold and heat exchange, water and electricity saving, easy to use temperature control device

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    Xiamen China
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    Xiamen port
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    20-25 days for mass production
Product Details

Faucet temperature control control panel features

1. 3 seconds instant heat, intelligent constant temperature

2. Low energy consumption

3. Low carbon and environmental protection

4. Protection against dry burning

Faucet temperature control module production process:

1. Driil

2. PTH line

3. Image transfer

4. Cu Tin plated

5. Etching

6. Soldermask

7. Silkscreen

8. Surface finish

9. Routing

10. Testing

11. Packing

Faucet temperature control control panel advantage

The use of the security is also very high, with high precision temperature control, over temperature, water cut off automatically function, absolute security is guaranteed; Water saving, it has rapid heat transfer technology, water saving rate up to 30%

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