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  • Huawei ranked first in the number of patents
    Huawei ranked first in the number of patents
    • Sep 30 ,2021

    On September 25, the list of the top 500 Chinese enterprises was officially released. This is the 20th consecutive time that the China Enterprise Confederation and the China Entrepreneurs Association have released the list to the society. The top 10 companies with top 500 operating income in China in 2021 are: State Grid Corporation of China, China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petrochemical Corporation, China State Construction Corporation, China Ping An Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd., Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co., Ltd., China Construction Bank Co., Ltd., Agricultural Bank of China Co., Ltd., China Life Insurance (Group) Company, China Railway Engineering Group Co., Ltd. The list shows that in 2021, China's top 500 companies have achieved growth in operating income and total net profit, asset expansion has accelerated, and the number of 100 billion club companies has increased to 222. In 2021, the top 500 Chinese companies will grow against the trend, achieving a total operating income of 89.83 trillion yuan, an increase of 4.43% over the previous year. In 2021, the total profit of the top 500 Chinese companies reached 6.0 trillion yuan, an increase of 7.75% over the previous year's top 500; net profit was 4.07 trillion yuan, an increase of 4.59% over the previous year's top 500. In addition, the R&D expenses of the top 500 Chinese companies in 2021 reached 1,306.647 billion yuan. Among these companies, Huawei's performance is very eye-catching, occupying the first place in the two lists. Huawei has always insisted on innovation and research and development. Huawei Investment Holding Co., Ltd. ranked first with 141.893 billion yuan in R&D investment, far behind the second and third Ali and Tencent. In terms of the number of invention patents, Huawei Investment Holding Co., Ltd. also ranks first, with 90,000 patents. I have to say that Huawei deserves its name!

  • The latest ranking of the world's top ten IC design vendors announced
    The latest ranking of the world's top ten IC design vendors announced
    • Sep 18 ,2021

    Recently, the research and research organization TrendForce announced the latest report showing that in the second quarter of this year, the world's top ten IC design factories had a combined revenue of 29.8 billion U.S. dollars, an annual increase of 60.8%. This ranking mainly refers to pure chipless IC design companies. The top five players in the second quarter of 2021 are ranked the same as the previous quarter, followed by Qualcomm, Nvidia, Broadcom, MediaTek and Chaowei. The sixth to tenth places have undergone major changes. The sixth place is Taiwanese manufacturer Novatek. Then, as Marvell completed the acquisition of Inphi, revenue grew substantially. The ranking jumped from ninth in the first quarter to seventh in the second quarter, and Xilinx and Realtek ranked eighth. With ninth, Delegg ranked tenth. From the geographical distribution point of view, the US IC design companies occupy the main place on the list, and there are three Taiwanese companies that have entered the TOP10, namely MediaTek, Novatek and Realtek. In terms of growth rate, Chaowei won the top growth rate of revenue ranking in the second quarter with a growth rate of nearly 100%. The annual growth rates of MediaTek and Novatek both exceed 95%. Such results are very good.

  • Four leading semiconductor materials companies announce price increases
    Four leading semiconductor materials companies announce price increases
    • Sep 10 ,2021

    Recently, due to the sharp rise in the price of upstream raw materials, the leading copper clad laminates such as Kingboard Chemical Group, Weilibang, Jiaozuo Oriwang, and global fiberglass giant China Jushi have also issued price increases notices. It is understood that the upstream of the PCB industry chain is PCB raw materials, including substrates such as copper clad laminates and copper foils. Among the raw materials, copper clad laminates, as the core substrate for PCB manufacturing, account for the highest cost of PCB raw materials. In general, there are two main reasons for the price increase of the four leading semiconductor materials companies: 1. The cost of raw materials is passed on. Recently, the price of raw materials such as copper foil, epoxy resin and electronic glass cloth in the upstream of copper clad laminates has continued to rise rapidly, which has formed a strong and reasonable cost support for the price of copper clad laminates; 2. The demand is driven by the continuous implementation of favorable domestic policies. In the quarter, domestic automobiles ushered in an overall recovery, so the booming consumption of downstream automobiles and home appliances turned into increased demand for copper clad laminates. When the demand for copper clad laminates continues to increase, the price increase of copper clad laminates becomes a matter of course.

  • Intel and ASML join forces
    Intel and ASML join forces
    • Aug 20 ,2021

    Recently, Intel announced an important news that it will adopt the next generation of extreme ultraviolet lithography technology for chip production, which is High-NA EUV. It is reported that Intel is cooperating closely with ASML to ensure an early breakthrough of this technical difficulty. This strong alliance between Intel and ASML is also a signal that Intel will catch up with TSMC and Samsung in the field of chip manufacturing in the future. Because in addition to TSMC and Samsung's high-precision chip manufacturing capabilities, Intel is the most promising company to become the third shortlisted company. The 10nm chip manufacturing process announced not long ago not only greatly reduces the cost, but also has the actual performance comparable to TSMC’s 7nm chip. People admire. With the continuous growth of global chip usage, independent research and development of chips has become a global trend.

  • Southeast Asia epidemic brings new impact to the electronics industry
    Southeast Asia epidemic brings new impact to the electronics industry
    • Jul 30 ,2021

    Recently, the epidemic situation in Southeast Asia has been severe. Malaysia, Vietnam, and India are also important distribution centers for the global electronics industry. They have a very important position in the global semiconductor and electronics industries. Many major semiconductor manufacturers have factories in these areas. At the same time, the electronics industries in different regions also have different characteristics. Malaysia is an important town for semiconductor packaging and testing and passive devices; India is an important production and distribution center for smart phones; Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia are home to many electronic EMS and OEM factories.   However, due to the impact of the epidemic in Southeast Asia, the production capacity of many plants has slowed down, the supply capacity has also declined, and some manufacturers have stopped reporting delivery dates. The Southeast Asian epidemic continues to heat up, and it has also brought new shocks to the electronics industry.

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