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Motor Controller

High Power Brushed Dc Motor Speed Controller 220V

High Power Brushed Dc Motor Speed Controller 220V

Brushed dc motor controller is a KIND of DC motor controller. The brush-DC motor has fixed main magnetic pole and brush mounted on its stator and armature winding and commutator mounted on its rotor.

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The working principle of brushed dc motor controller:

The electric energy of the DC power supply enters the armature winding through the brush and commutator, generating the armature current. The magnetic field generated by the armature current interacts with the main magnetic field to generate the electromagnetic torque, making the motor rotate and drive the load. Due to the existence of brush and commutator, brush motor has complex structure, poor reliability, many faults, large maintenance workload, short life, commutator spark easy to generate electromagnetic interference.

What we are doing?
1. Customer provide a brushed motor speed controller BOM, we offer our quotation in 2-3 days.
2. We suggest alternative components to customer, to help to reduce the cost, and delivery time.
3. Samples making for approval, the samples delivery time normally 10-15days.
4. Mass production, delivery time about 15-25days, according to the quantity and the components delivery time.

   1. Customer provide a high power dc motor speed control board function request, Our engineer team design the function parts(PCBA) according to customer request.
   2. We provide a schematic for customer's approval and offer our quotation.
   3. Samples making for customer approval.
   4. Mass production, delivery time about 15-25days, according to the quantity and the components delivery time.

Brushed dc motor controller package:

high power dc motor speed control board wholesale

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    If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!