Consumer Electronics Controller


Consumer Electronics Controller

Electronic Clock Timer Control Pcba

Electronic Clock Timer Control Pcba

Customize electronic clock: functions and box can also be designed.

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Product Details

Custom electronic clock control pcb manufacturer

With customize diaplay shows digital day and date clock Non-Abbreviations clearly spell out the full day of the week, month and date in large. Also display morning, afternoon, evening, night, perdawn

What we are doing for the electronic clock control driver board

  1. Customer provide a BOM, we offer our quotation in 3~5days.

  2. We suggest alternative components to customer, to help to reduce the cost, and delivery time.

  3. Samples making for approval, the samples delivery time normally 10-15days.

  4. Mass production, delivery time about 15-25days, according to the quantity and the components delivery time.


  1. Customer provide a electronic clock control circuit board function request, Our engineer team design the function parts(PCBA) according to customer request.

  2. We provide a schematic for customer's approval and offer our quotation.

  3. Samples making for customer approval.

  4. Mass production, delivery time about 15-25days, according to the quantity and the components delivery time.

Custom electronic clock control pcb manufacturer

Custom electronic clock control pcb manufacturer

SYHOGYprofessional manufacturer and supplier of smart control boardsmart PCBAand kinds of electronic product, undertakes OEM and ODM orders.

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