What is the difference between PCB and PCBA?

What is the difference between PCB and PCBA?

  • November 3,2020.

Many people are not familiar with PCB and PCBA and cannot tell the difference between them. Today we are going to talk about PCB and PCBA. PCB is made by electronic printing, which is called "printed" circuit board. PCB is an important electronic component in the electronic industry, the supporting body of electronic components, and the carrier of electrical connection of electronic components. PCBA goes through the whole process of PCB empty board SMT and DIP plug-in.

So, what's the difference between PCB and PCBA? PCBA is a finished circuit board and generally refers to a processing process. PCBA is only considered as PCBA after all the processes on the PCB have been completed. A PCB is an empty PRINTED circuit board with no parts on it.

In addition to the difference between PCB and PCBA, it is necessary to understand these knowledge points about PCB and PCBA carefully. PCB board is widely used in various industries and fields, whether equipment, electrical appliances, or personal electronic products, all contain the corresponding printed circuit board.

PCB board plays an important role in all kinds of electronic equipment.

1, can provide integrated circuits and other electronic components fixed, assembly of mechanical support.

2. Wiring and electrical connection or electrical insulation between various electronic components such as integrated circuits can be realized.

3. Be able to provide required electrical characteristics.

When it comes to the role of PCB, the production process of PCBA cannot be ignored. The production process of PCBA is to process an empty PCB board into an electronic product through one process after another. According to different production technologies, PCBA has a variety of processes, including single-side mixed process, single-side DIP insert process, single-side SMT paste process, single-side SMT paste process and double-side mix process, double-side SMT paste process and plug and mix process, etc.

The whole production process of PCBA is closely linked with each other. No problem can be found in any link, otherwise the quality of products will be affected. It has to be mentioned that Syhogy (xiamen) Tech Co., Ltd. is specialized in PCBA processing with rich experience and strong technical strength. It has advanced processing equipment, perfect PCBA processing service system and customized PCBA according to customer requirements, which is widely praised by customers.

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