What changes will the Internet of Things bring to our work and life?

What changes will the Internet of Things bring to our work and life?

  • September 10,2020.

Many people have heard about the Internet of Things but don't know about it. The Internet of Things is really about solving the problem of information exchange. The Internet of Things (IOT), referred to as "the Internet of everything connected", is an extended and extended network based on the Internet, connecting things to things, things to people, and realizing intelligent perception, recognition and management of objects and processes.

The information technology with the Internet of Things as the core is known as the third information technology revolution in the world after computer and Internet technology. The Internet of Things has brought great changes to people's production and life. Its application scope covers various industries and penetrates into every aspect of life.

The Internet of Things has changed the traditional way of information communication and connection, and it has also accelerated the change of work and life, which is reflected in the following aspects:

1. Intelligent transportation solutions of the Internet of Things have greatly alleviated urban traffic.

2. Industrial production efficiency has been significantly improved through the application of the Internet of Things.

3. Real-time monitoring of crop growth through Internet of Things equipment and precision agriculture management.

4. Realize the networked processing of data monitored by various devices through the Internet of Things to make the city more secure.

5. Real-time monitoring of health changes through Internet of Things solutions.

6. The Internet of Things has also improved consumers' shopping experience.

According to the GSMA, the number of global Internet of Things connections will increase to 25.2 billion in 2025, with a promising market prospect. There is no doubt that the Internet of Things is an integral part of the future. Nowadays, more and more enterprises see the advantages of the Internet of Things and begin to pay attention to the technology of the Internet of Things. They collect massive data from the device end of the Internet of Things and analyze the data to generate new insights to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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