How to correctly measure the body temperature?

How to correctly measure the body temperature?

  • August 19,2020.

In 2020, COVID-19 disrupted everyone's rhythm of life, and personal protection became the most important thing every day. In addition to go out to wear a face mask, temperature has become a daily clock's behavior, both in and out of the station, airport, residential area, supermarket, etc., all need to measure body temperature.

How do you take your temperature correctly?

1. The body temperature was measured at about 8 o 'clock in the morning, 3 o 'clock in the afternoon, and 8 o 'clock in the evening. The body temperature was measured continuously for several days, and the most stable value was the normal body temperature.

2. You should take your temperature in the morning and evening in a quiet state. Strenuous exercise, bathing, eating, and emotional stress can all cause your body temperature to rise. Take a 30-minute rest before taking the test.

In addition, about the thermometer, these knowledge points you should know!

Thermometers are mainly divided into mercury thermometers and electronic thermometers. Among them, the classification of electronic thermometers is more, according to the different measuring positions, divided into anal thermometer, oral thermometer, axillary thermometer, ear thermometer, forehead thermometer, etc. In this epidemic, the thermometer has become a kind of "weapon" to protect us in life, and the infrared thermometer is widely used in various important places. Speaking of infrared thermometer, we have to mention the infrared forehead thermometer, do not look down upon it, its accuracy is very high! The infrared frontal thermometer is the most accurate measuring instrument in the infrared thermometer commonly used at present. It has the advantages of fast measuring speed and high measuring precision, because the ear canal can reflect the internal temperature of the human body better than the armpit, mouth and other parts.

Infrared forehead thermometer 1 second accurate temperature measurement, no contact with human skin, one-button temperature measurement, very convenient and fast. Due to the special situation of the epidemic this year, the temperature needs to be measured almost daily. At this time, a simple and easy to use thermometer is needed. The red outer ear thermometer is a good choice. Syhogy (Xiamen) Tech Co., Ltd. can provide debugging, calibration, customized infrared forehead thermometer control board, as well as other technical support according to customer requirements, professional research and development ability is trustworthy!

The epidemic prevention and control has entered a phase of normalization, and people still cannot relax their vigilance. Wear a mask, take your temperature, keep yourself at a distance, and take personal protection.

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