How to choose a scale?

How to choose a scale?

  • November 5,2020.

More and more people begin to pay attention to health, in addition to the annual physical examination, weight control has become a matter of great concern for many people, and women are more strict in this aspect. In order to fit into the clothes they like, have a symmetrical figure and look more beautiful, many women have launched weight loss programs. They refuse to eat delicious food, exercise daily, and buy the necessary tool on the road to losing weight, a scale, to monitor their weight changes in real time.

So how do we choose a scale? Consider from the following aspects

1. Accuracy. The most important thing about a scale is its accuracy. Accurate measurements can accurately show a person's body fat and other indicators.

2, precision. To choose a better precision scale, a better quality scale, generally can be accurate to 0.1kg.

3. Non-slip mat. Purchased scales must have anti-skid pads. Without an anti-skid pad, the measurement is not accurate and people will easily slip.

4.Appearance and shape. There are both round and square weight scales on the market. Comparatively speaking, square weight scales have more obvious advantages. Square weight scales have a larger area and stand more steadily so as to measure more accurately.

5. APP usage experience. The current smart scale will be equipped with a corresponding APP for measurement and data analysis, so we should also consider the experience of using the APP. The APP should be convenient and easy to use, with multiple functions such as data monitoring and health advice. If the APP is too simple, avoid the option.

How to choose a suitable and cost-effective scale? Custom scale control board and custom smart scale is a good choice! Syhogy (xiamen) Tech Co., Ltd. has a professional team with rich research and development experience, carefully developed exclusive circuit board, to meet customers' diverse customized needs, welcome to consult and cooperation!

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