How much do you know the electrical control board?

How much do you know the electrical control board?

  • October 23,2020.

Everyone's home, are equipped with a variety of household appliances. They perform their respective functions and play an important role, bringing great convenience to people's life. We all know that many functions of home appliances require the use of control panels. So, about the knowledge of home appliance control board, how much do you know?

What is home appliance control board? A household appliance controller has two turntable devices at the output of signals, which can send control signals to household appliances by rotating the turntable on it. A signal processing device coupled to the turntable device is used to receive and recognize the control signals sent by the turntable device, and transmit the recognized control signals to the microprocessor.

Home appliance control board also has these intelligent functions:

1. It can realize remote telephone and remote control of home appliances, connect with the power supply, issue disconnection or opening instructions, and realize home intelligence.

2. With feedback function, monitor the real working situation of household appliances.

3. It also has alarm, camera and other functions. Nowadays, home appliance control board is also integrated into the Internet of Things technology, with more complete functions, more intelligent, and better serving our life.

Home appliance control board is also the core of home appliance quality. Common home appliance control board schemes are as follows:

Reduce interference sources to ensure stable operation;

Prevent conductive interference; Reasonable collocation of capacitance quantity.

In addition, in the design of home appliance control board should pay attention to the following three points,

1. In terms of the layout of components, the components related to each other should be placed close together as far as possible.

2. Try to install decoupling capacitors next to key components such as ROM and RAM chips.

3, in the single-chip control system, there are many kinds of ground wire, systematically, shielding ground, logic, simulation ground, etc., whether the ground wire layout is reasonable, will determine the anti-interference ability of the circuit board.

It has to be mentioned that there are still deficiencies in the current home appliance industry, manufacturers of different levels of production and research and development, the price difference is large. Many panel manufacturers have not yet provided a corresponding solution. SYHOGY (Xiamen) Tech Co., LTD. Has the senior industry experience, the production research and development, custom home appliance control board, good quality, stable performance, exquisite technology, can better achieve specific functions and needs.

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