Can Skipping Lose Weight?

Can Skipping Lose Weight?

  • July 27,2020.

Jumping rope is the most common sport in our life. It has many benefits. It can not only exercise our body, but also help us lose weight.

As a systemic aerobic fat-burning exercise, skipping has become the "dark horse" in weight loss exercise. Skip rope fat burning efficiency is relatively high, skip rope 20 minutes, equal to jogging an hour of fat burning effect. It also takes less time and is better suited to people who don't have the time but want to lose weight than a long run.

Additional, in the process that jump rope, the muscle of arm, leg ministry, hip and abdomen can get training, strengthen muscle strength, improve metabolization ability, quicken the speed that reduces fat to burn fat.

Rope skipping is a sport that takes little time but consumes a lot of energy. Some cautions about jumping rope are still necessary to understand:

1. Obese people are not suitable for skipping to lose weight, will cause too much pressure on the leg joints.

2. Do not skip rope 30 minutes before meals or within an hour after meals.

3. Avoid concrete floors and wear sneakers that shock your knees or ankles.

4. Keep the balls of your feet up and down, never landing on your heels or the balls of your feet.

5. Do warm up before jumping rope, fully move the joint. Do some stretching after jumping rope to relieve muscle tension.

Skipping rope can help you lose weight. Before our most common jump rope is plastic rope and wire rope, but now the market has been more and more functional complete jump rope, Bluetooth jump rope, LED jump rope, cordless jump rope can be found everywhere. Syhogy (Xiamen) Tech Co., Ltd. also developed an App Bluetooth smart rope skipping control board for sports fitness, which has various humanized functions such as cloud data synchronization, HD display, intelligent charging and counting.

As the saying goes, "skipping rope is a good choice, weight loss is no trouble". App Bluetooth sports fitness smart jump rope is a good choice, take it to jump rope, can not only relax body and mind and can lose weight, why not?

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