LED controller


LED controller

Automatic Solar Led Lighting Circuit Board PCBA

Automatic Solar Led Lighting Circuit Board PCBA

The solar controller is applied in the solar photovoltaic system. It is called the solar charge and discharge controller in full. It coordinates the work of solar panels, batteries and loads. Make the whole solar photovoltaic system efficient and safe operation.

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Automatic Solar Led Lighting Circuit Board PCBA OEM Features

1. Ensure constant current output
Because LED itself needs to carry out constant current or current limiting through technical means, otherwise it cannot work normally.

2. Control the output period
The solar controller can set the time period, and the output current starts to work at the set time period.

3. Regulation of output power
In the application of solar street lamps, the power is regulated. The brightness of the LED lamp can be controlled by adjusting the power.

Automatic Solar Light Circuit Board

1.  12/24V automatic recognition
2.  Efficient series PWM charging mode extends battery life and improves system performance
3.  Use power MOSFET as electronic switch without any mechanical switch
4.  With a wide range of applicability, automatic identification day/night
5.  LED digital function menu setting and display are simple and easy to use
6.  The timing period of street lamps is adjustable from 1 to 15 hours
7.  The unique dual-period control enhances the flexibility of the street lamp system
8.  Comprehensive waterproof function design, the controller is suitable for moisture, dust and other adverse environments
9.  Sealing, colloid, open three types of lead-acid battery charging program optional
10. Temperature compensation is adopted to automatically adjust charging and discharging parameters to improve the service life of the battery
11. The controller has automatic protection functions of overtemperature, overcharge, overdischarge, overload and short circuit
(12) Automatic protection function of any combination of photocell and battery backconnection

Solar Light Pcba Package

Automatic Solar Led Lighting Circuit Board PCBA

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