Industrial controller & equipments controller


Industrial controller & equipments controller

Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Rolling Gate Controller Pcba

Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Rolling Gate Controller Pcba

Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Rolling Gate Controller Pcba

Electric rolling gate is a kind of rolling gate, which is driven by electricity and is light and flexible. Used in warehouses, stores and so on.

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Humidifier control pcb assemblies service

Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Rolling Gate Controller Pcba

Humidifier control board pcb assembly turnkey production process:

1. Driil

2. PTH line

3. Image transfer

4. Cu Tin plated

5. Etching

6. Soldermask

7. Silkscreen

8. Surface finish

9. Routing

10. Testing

11. Packing

Humidifier control panel circuit board features

1. The door body is novel and beautiful in shape, flexible and compact in structure, which occupies a small space and can be widely used in the inside and outside doors of buildings.

2. Door body electric drive, light and flexible, up and down stroke is automatically controlled by limit switch, easy to operate, safe and reliable. It can be operated manually when the power is cut off.

3. A remote control can be installed to make the electric rolling gate open and close remotely.

4. The door body type is many, among which the fully enclosed door body sealing is good, can be wind, dust, heat preservation, corrosion resistance. Door body also can have fireproof function through special treatment.

5. The door winder has advanced structure, complete functions and overheat protection device, which can protect the motor from being damaged when it is overloaded at high temperature.

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